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Here are a few of our favorite natural essential oil recipes to use with our own animals! These mixtures are used on our own dogs who are 35-55 pounds. Recipes would need to be adjusted for dogs under 20 pounds or over 65 pounds.

Do not use ANY essential oils on your pet unless they are given a "Therapeutic Grade" rating! And remember...A little commons sense goes a long way!

Bites B Done

3 drops eucalyptus globulus
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops lemon essential oil
3 drops lemongrass essential oil
4 ounces distilled water
DIRECTIONS: Put all ingredients into spray bottle and shake well. Spray on pet and also rub on areas in your home where fleas tend to congregate.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: 4-ounce dark glass spray bottle


Aches Blend

30 drops Idaho balsam fir
10 drops helichrysum
5 drops peppermint
1 drop oregano
DIRECTIONS: Put all ingredients into dark glass bottle, turn gently to mix. Apply 2-3 drops to affected joint 3 times daily as needed for relief.
SPECIAL EEQUIPMENT: 5 ml "Boston Round" bottle with drop reducer cap

Crate Cleanser

3 ounces distilled water
1 ounce white vinegar
20 drops eucalyptus globulus
10 drops lemon oil
20 drops tea tree
DIRECTIONS: Use just like commercial cleanser sprays. Spray on countertops and sinks, wipe away.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: 4-ounce cobalt blue glass spay bottle

Surface Sparkly Clean Blend

8 drops thyme
10 drops tea tree
8 drops lavender
2 ounces distilled water
DIRECTIONS: Add essential oils first to spray bottle, then add base. Shake before each use.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: 2-ounce PET plastic bottle with spray top